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Lawyer Wellness, Inc

The Library’s Mission is to bring a broad and meaningfully curated collection of wellness resources to the legal community so that lawyers can find strategies that ring true according to their own personal situation, free of worry that their private concerns will be discovered by those who control or influence their careers. Lawyer Wellness Library is available to all lawyers free of charge because the unique funding model for this California nonprofit will be to reward for-profit businesses and primary Stakeholders who subsidize membership to the Library. The Lawyer Wellness Library is based on mutualism, improving the health of the entire legal community by giving lawyers the tools they need to promote their own inner happiness. This is exactly what a legal career should provide.

Who It Will Serve

The Lawyer Wellness Library serves everyone that relies upon the services of lawyers—from the clients that depend upon their performance, to the firms that hire them.

Type of Resources

The Lawyer Wellness Library scours the digital landscape for articles, videos, podcasts, and webinars for content addressing issues that affect well-being.

Everyone Is Benefited

Lawyer Wellness Library is delivered to lawyers from a stigma-free stakeholder. Legal malpractice carriers provide the Library to their insureds as a benefit of coverage.

The Problem

Statistics tell a grim future for law school graduates. In 2000, one-in-five lawyers would end the practice of law by the tenth year; twenty years later it is close to one-in-three. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among lawyers, and close to half of all lawyers are sorry they went to law school.

The Solution

The Lawyer Wellness Library uses a proprietary patent pending content management system to integrate the latest and best information for lawyers and law students (and every person in the legal community) to provide solutions to the problem of lawyer unwellness.

The Resource and Solutions Hub

Lawyers are deft at research; discovering their own preferences for promoting their own well-being is no exception. Lawyers organize their procured content on their personalized dashboard (a $100/annual gift courtesy of primary stakeholders) to keep organized and for later viewing. The research, and the items being saved in the dashboard, will be confidential, secure, and private – known only to the lawyer using the Library.

Subsidized User Dashboards

One of the key benefits of membership to the Lawyer Wellness Library is a private and secure dashboard, where users will be able to “check out” materials that interest them, allowing them to customize their dashboard for later viewing.


A Stakeholder is any entity that cares about the emotional well-being of lawyers. The direct stakeholders (with subdomains) include legal malpractice carriers (who face claims arising from impaired attorney judgment), law schools (to thank the alumni who helped pay their salaries for three or more years), judges (whose jobs are made more difficult by impaired lawyers), law firms (whose clients suffer a disruption of their cases when their lawyer is hiding an impairment), and the family members who need attention from the lawyers in their lives. Getting a law license should not carry a life sentence of unhappiness for the lawyer or the people in their lives.

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