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Lawyer Wellness Library is curated according to the needs of the legal profession, which undergoes constant changes that affect the well-being of its lawyers. The curators receive input from a broad range of contributors, inside and outside the legal profession. That is the primary role of the Library’s Content Advisory Board, comprised of experts drawn from the many professions that have something valuable to offer lawyers in search of a more personally rewarding way to enjoy their legal careers.
The value of this Library will be determined by whether the content is helpful to lawyers who are looking for greater satisfaction in their legal careers. The Library is curated to address a broad spectrum of issues that impact how a lawyer navigates what is known to be a difficult profession. The Library assumes that each lawyer will search for wellness ideas in their unique way and according to their unique needs in whatever life situation confronts them. Lawyers in need of help will find what they need, along with ways to help others.
The Library contains a comprehensive selection of wellness approaches from a number of academic disciplines, including psychology, social work, philosophy, medicine (Western and alternative), and theology, as well as from the legal profession itself; the fare includes both simple content, as well as deeper presentations of topics so that each lawyer’s inquisitive needs can be met.
In order to keep the content alive and adjust to the ever-changing landscape of the profession, its law schools, and bar exams, the Library will seek and receive input from its Content Advisory Board, which will be led by Universities. In addition to the input from academia, which is always concerned with how its graduates can serve their communities, the Content Advisory Board includes members from legal and mental health organizations to provide targeted content, as well.
In this way, the Library is assured of serving the changing needs of the lawyers who drive our legal system and are so important to the health of our judicial system—and to the health of society at large, which is touched in so many ways by the work of lawyers.

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