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Everyone has a stake in lawyer’s well-being. That being said, the direct stakeholders that will bring the Library to all lawyers free of charge are legal malpractice insurers, law schools, law firms, donors, and for-profit businesses that profit from the stressful work of lawyers.
All malpractice insurers, all law schools, and a relatively small group of lucky law firms are the primary stakeholders leasing (at a very reasonable cost) the Library branches – the subdomains – that deliver to all law students, lawyers, and judges the information and solutions they so desperately need to promote their own emotional and mental well-being. The subdomains leased by the carriers will be delivered to their insureds as a benefit of coverage; those belonging to the law schools will be delivered to students and alumni as a gift from the law firms (and carriers) that are lucky enough to sponsor the school’s subdomain.
The for-profit businesses that reap income from the hard labor of lawyers will purchase exclusive advertising on both the Central Library and the subdomains, which is what will allow carriers and co-sponsors of the law schools to be on a subdomain for a reasonable price. By exclusivity, we mean that only one advertiser of a kind will be selected to advertise on the pages of the Central Library and the subdomains. First come, right price, first served.
This funding model is achieved by utilizing a two-level approach to financing an expensive nonprofit operation: The California nonprofit’s Mission of bringing the Library to all lawyers free of charge is made possible through the activity of a for-profit company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the nonprofit, giving its net profit (after income taxes) to its sole shareholder, the Lawyer Wellness Library. A utility patent on this model is being processed.

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Legacy Honorees
The Library will honor certain stakeholders as Legacy Stakeholders, those who supported the Lawyer Wellness Library when it was in its formative stages and believed in its Mission. The Central Library, upon completion, will have a place of honor for Legacy Stakeholders, such as legal malpractice insurance companies, bar associations, law schools, law firms, and people of influence who joined the charitable cause of lawyer well-being and helped to mobilize the lawyer wellness movement beyond the ordinary forever. The thanks of grateful people who find the answers they need in the stacks of this Library belong to our Legacy Stakeholders. Upon the initial launch of this Brochure Site, Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company of California was the first malpractice carrier, and The Daral Mazzarella Memorial Hall the first 501c3 donation—that got us off the ground while we swing for the fences for the sake of the legal community.

Lawyers' Mutual Insurance Company

For over five decades, Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company has emerged as the leading provider of professional liability insurance, education and related services to benefit California lawyers, the legal profession and the community. The company has cultivated a unique relationship with its members due to its mutual nature. Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company was created for lawyers, directed by lawyers, with policyholders as members who invest in and benefit from the Company’s stability. Its values have always included personal service by dedicated experts who understand the legal profession. Its staff is available to answer questions and highly responsive to all inquiries. In short, the carrier proactively anticipates and strives to meet its members’ needs in order to gain and retain quality members.

American Inns of Court

The vision of the American Inns of Court is a legal profession and judiciary dedicated to professionalism, ethics, civility, and excellence. Our mission is to inspire the legal community to advance the rule of law by achieving the highest level of professionalism through example, education, and mentoring.

The Other Bar

The Other Bar is a network of recovering lawyers, law students and judges throughout the state, dedicated to assisting others within the legal profession who are suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems. We are a private, non-profit corporation. Our organization is founded on the principle of anonymity and provides services in strict confidentiality. The program is voluntary and open to all California lawyers, judges and law students.

Extraordinary Lives Foundation

Our mission is to improve children’s mental health and wellness and support families by providing educational tools, resources, and awareness events.
We encourage families to recognize symptoms, overcome the stigma and reach out for help. Through prevention, early intervention, and holistic treatment, we believe many of the big problems facing today’s youth can be transformed within a generation.

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